USS Sam Houston SSBN-609 ~ SSN-609

2010 Reunion Pictures by Larry Check

Plank Owners

Larry Check

L to R: Jimmy Cash, Billy Truslow, Rodney Cuthbert, Charlie Klump and unknown.

L to R:  kneeling  Ray Guerrier and Bob Turner
2nd Row : Bill Roberts, Butch Savaria, Rarl Rehling,  John Adams, J D Corbett
3rd Row:  Jack Walsh, Jim Garner, Bill Myers

Billy Truslow (w/o shirt)—on his left is unknown with hat, On Billy’s right is Pat Meany w/red beret, on his right is Jim Dillon behind Billy w/beer is Sly??
The guys on both sides of Sly are unknown.  To the right of tree is Bob Turner, 2nd to the right of Sly is WF Roberts and behind him is Jim Garner, Charlie Taylor, Doug Ball and Gault.

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